Tent supervisor (Zeltbetreuer)
  • 2 supervisors per tent
  • one tent has 6-8 children (females and males in seperate tents)
  • primary person of trust for the children
  • should be able to stay the whole week (Sunday to Friday)
Chaperon / activity supervisor (Programmbetreuer)
  • chaperon an activity (games, workshops, trips…) together with other volunteers / play a character from „Heidi“
  • an activity takes 2-3 hours
  • might get to wear costumes 😉
  • can be combined with other helper positions
Kitchen team (Küchenteam)
  • team of 4-5 people
  • should be able to stay the whole week – if possible
  • responsible for preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole camp (40-50 people) and doing the dishes
  • give out the food
Medical team (Medizinische Unterstützung)
  • 2 people at the medical station
  • can change every day
  • tend to (minor) injuries of the children
  • medical training preferred
Photographer (Fotograf)
  • take pictures of the children and volunteers during the day activities
Stand-by (Springer)
  • buy food and other supplies (if needed)
  • help out at day activities (if needed)
  • manage the supply shed
  • other different smaller jobs like building campfires, supporting the OK-team, etc.
Infrastructure (Aufbau & Abbau)
  • installation on Saturday, 31.07. – Sunday, 01.08.2021
  • disassembly on Friday, 06.08.2021
  • assemble and disassemble tents
  • set up tables and benches

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